Coaching from McKain Consulting helped me land my first industry job as a director in the exact field/position I was eyeing. Brainstorming with them facilitated my strategic transition in a nonthreatening and even enjoyable manner. They tailored my CV which immediately increased interest from recruiters and placed me as a ‘serious’ candidate. We also did a mock interview with me and helped me navigate tough questions and handle slightly less than satisfactory answers post-interview. I had a job offer in less than a week. I highly recommend getting them on your side.
V.R., Neurology
McKain Consulting has been very helpful, informative and encouraging. They provided me with great insight of the different job options that exist in the non-clinical medical world. With their guidance, my interviews became much more successful.
D.I., Nephrologist
McKain Consulting has been a true inspiration. Their guidance, as I transitioned from a clinical to nonclinical career in medicine, was priceless. They assisted in transforming my CV to one that attracts attention and focuses on relevant details in a nonclinical setting. Thanks to them, I have finally achieved career-life balance, as a physician, wife and mother of two.
S.E.S., Primary Care
I found out that I was not alone exploring different avenues of medicine. McKain Consulting’s coaching and encouragement made it look like anything was possible. They have been inspirational and motivational with knowledge and leadership skills in so many ways.
J.S., Internal Medicine
I listened to the feedback & made the changes you suggested. My CV looks MUCH stronger now. I am so grateful to you for taking time to review it and to offer such thoughtful advice. You are such a wonderful example to all of us in this group, and I don’t have words for how much we all benefit from your generous support and guidance.
L.H., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
McKain Consulting has been an incredible resource during my transition to a non-clinical career. From the start when I was just thinking about making the transition through interviewing and accepting a new position, their advice, guidance, and support have been invaluable. They have helped me to be much more confident during this major transition time in my life.
J.C., Pediatrics
I could go on and on! McKain Consulting not only helped me put together a professional resume, but also helped me to recognize my accomplishments. Their positive attitude lifted me during a difficult time and gave me the confidence to move forward in my career search after years of being home with my children. I am so grateful for the insight and support!
C.S., Allergy and Immunology