Other Career Services

McKain Consulting offers a number of other services to assist your career search:

CV/Resume and Cover Letter Review

You’d like tailored advice on the documents you are using for your career search.  We’ll meet by phone to review your documents and advise on the specific changes you should make to be most successful.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network and it can be a highly effective place to network and market your skills.  Are you visible to recruiters and potential employers?  Are you making the right connections?  McKain Consulting can help you craft a stand-out LinkedIn Profile to get the attention you want.

Interview Preparation

They loved your CV, you flew through the phone screen and now you have been invited to the interview.  You will not get a second chance at making a great first impression at the interview so make sure you are prepared.    McKain Consulting can help you prepare for the interview –especially for the tough questions. We will do a rehearsal mock interview and provide other interviewing tips and strategies to make you stand out.

Job Search and Networking Strategies

Would you like some targeted advice on searching for job openings?  Are you aware that you are most likely to find a job through your connections?  McKain Consulting can assist you with crafting an efficient strategy to build a network and find openings that are right for you.

Contact McKain Consulting for more information on these services.