Are you interested in a nonclinical job but have no idea where to find openings?  You are not alone.  The way you go about finding a clinical job is very different from the way you go about finding a nonclinical job.  Clinical jobs often come to you through headhunters.  Nonclinical jobs, at least until you have made the leap, require legwork on your part.  This piece will give you some ideas of where to begin your search.

There are lots of places to find nonclinical opportunities and I recommend that you adopt a broad search strategy.  When looking for jobs, don’t just focus on a particular job title or geographic location.  Make your initial search very broad so you can get a good feeling for what is out there and what qualifications and experience you need.  Don’t be put off if you do not meet every single requirement for the job.  Remember that job descriptions are for the absolute IDEAL candidate and only very rarely do they find someone who checks every single box.

Here are some ideas for your career search:

  • Indeed is a very popular job site which serves a wide variety of industries including insurance and pharma. You can find both clinical and nonclinical opportunities here.  Some favorite search terms you may want to use include

Physician Case Reviewer

Associate Medical Director, Medical Director

Medical Monitor

Physician Advisor

Safety Physician

Adverse event case processing

  • LinkedIn is the best place for professional networking, in my humble opinion. It is also a great place to shop job opportunities and THE place where recruiters can find you.  Set up a super professional profile with your career goals in mind and recruiters will often come to you. You also will find many, many job postings there for your career hunting pleasure. Read job descriptions to see how you measure up. Make contacts with people doing the type of work you want to, connect with recruiters. Identify companies you might want to work for. If you are not on LinkedIn and are serious about job hunting, start a profile there today!


  • Individual company websites! Using your network and LinkedIn, identify a list of companies you might want to work for and start stalking their career listings on a regular basis.  Make an entry on your calendar to do this on a regular basis.


  • My number one place to find nonclinical job postings is….don’t look for job postings. The very best jobs are often never posted. You identify those opportunities through NETWORKING.  Connect with people who are doing what you want to do or hire people like you and learn all you can from them. When they have a job or know someone who does you will be one of the first to know. How do I know this is true? I have found two of my nonclinical jobs this way. It was only after I had talked to the person who ultimately hired me that I even filled out an application.



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