CV/Resume Writing

Why is a well-written CV/resume important?

Did you know that the person screening applicants spends less than 10 seconds looking at your CV/resume before deciding whether you are worth a closer look?  That isn’t much time at all, so you have to make a good first impression…fast!  Your CV must catch their eye, be well organized and concisely tell the reader why you are qualified for the position or they will simply move on to the next candidate’s document.

What are the features of a great CV/resume?

  • The first page is a concise snapshot of your qualifications for the position
  • The layout must catch the eye, be easy to read and attractive
  • The chronology of your training and career should be easy to follow
  • The work history needs to not only contain what your job function was, but also what your accomplishments were in that role
  • The document must be free of extraneous details and fluff

What kind of position are you applying for and how does that impact what your CV/resume should look like?

The CV you write for a clinical position is mainly a summary of your education, experience, and accomplishments. The CV you write for a non-clinical career includes all that information and more. It tells a potential employer about your education and experience AND exactly how your clinical experience makes you qualified for that position. That is, it describes how you are going to be able to use that knowledge and the skills you have learned at the bedside to be an asset to them and their business. In short, how you can help them do what they do…better because of you.

Why should you let McKain Consulting help with your CV/resume?

McKain Consulting has extensive experience assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals with their CV/resumes.  They have also been on the hiring side and have had to sift through HUNDREDS of poorly written documents.  Many professional resume services really don’t understand what it is that physicians do and how their skill set may translate in a non-clinical setting.  They end up writing documents that are full of inappropriate jargon and fluffy descriptions that miss the mark.  McKain Consulting understands where you are coming from and where you want to go and will use plain, straightforward language to craft a document that shows a potential employer why you are right for the job.  The process for drafting your document is collaborative, as it should be so that the end product will tell your story in your voice.

How does the CV/resume service work?

This is a collaborative process that requires your input!

  1. Contact us and we will schedule a ~45-minute introductory call to gather the appropriate information we will need to craft your CV. You will be asked to send your current CV in an editable format in advance of the call if you have one. If not, you’ll complete an intake form that has all relevant factual information. We will also talk about the type of position you are aiming for to determine the appropriate focus and direction for your document.
  2. You’ll select a preferred format for your CV layout. See sample formats here.
  3. A draft of your tailored CV will be created for your review. You’ll need to fill in details and provide input at this stage to make sure your CV reflects YOU and YOUR professional history accurately. You’ll probably need to set aside an hour or so to review, fill in gaps, and make edits.
  4. We will communicate via phone and/or email after that to get the document into near -final form, keeping in mind that it is likely you will need to tweak and customize your CV a bit more each time you apply for a particular job.

What does the CV/Resume Service Cost?

It really depends on your level of professional experience and the complexity of your CV.   Contact us for an estimate.



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