3 Quick Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn an extremely effective platform for getting the attention of potential employers.  You should build  a powerful profile that includes ample details on your experience, qualifications, and accomplishments.  There are other quick and easy things you can do to to make a strong statement.

1. Make sure your Headline is Effective

The headline is the tagline that follows your name. If you do not customize it, it will default to your current job title and that probably will not help you to get noticed by potential employers. LinkedIn gives you 120 characters to use for your headline. It is an opportunity to market yourself! Use it.

Here is an example. Jane is currently a hospitalist who wants to transition to a Physician Advisor Role. Which of these headlines do you think will help to convey that?


A. Jane Smith, MD

B. Jane Smith, MD
Hospitalist Physician

C. Jane Smith, MD
Hospitalist Physician committed to evidence based medicine & appropriate utilization management of healthcare resources

2. Update your LinkedIn Profile URL

Make your personal profile easier to share and more professional by customizing your LinkedIn Profile URL. If you accept the default you will get something like this:

https://www.linkedin.com/in/jane smith -3ba18b228bd90901b/

That is impossible to remember!!!

But you can customize it by going to “Edit Your Public Profile” where you will find the option to “Edit your public profile URL”.

Change it to something that is easy to remember and communicate such as:

www.linkedin.com/in/jane smith
www.linkedin.com/in/jane smith md hospitalist

Once you have customized it, be sure to include your LinkedIn Profile URL in your email signature, especially when networking and also on your CV.

3. Include a Good Headshot

It is a mistake to not include a picture on LinkedIn. Your profile is much more likely to be reviewed if the reader can put a face with your name and title. No need to spend $1000 dollars on a professional headshot but do:

  • Make sure there is good lighting and sharp focus
  • Have a neutral background
  • Only include head and shoulders
  • Make sure you are facing straight ahead or turned toward your LEFT shoulder so you are facing the content of the profile or post. If you are looking to the right or gazing off the screen is supposedly sends a message that you are disengaged with the content on your profile.